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Al-Fayez International Schools

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"The aim of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the capabilities of the child to invent and discover, to create men who are able to do new things."


Jean Piaget

Kazanim International Schools - Istanbul Main Branch, located in Istanbul - Bagcilar District, was established in August 2015 and is the first accredited Arab school in Istanbul - Turkey, from the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Our schools have students over 34 nationalities.

We are teaching Arabic-Lebanese and British curricula (Cambridge programme), where study starts from kindergarten to twelfth grade in addition to the stages of the Cambridge program which includes elementary and secondary 1 and IGCSE and AS & A Level.

Students are provided with certificates accredited by the Turkish Ministry of National Education and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Cambridge Certificate for students studying according to the Cambridge British Curriculum for final grades.

Our schools strive to provide a balanced educational environment in terms of educational clarification tools and tools for students to develop mental, social and physical skills for students through the distinguished competencies of our employees in all disciplines according to the available curricula in addition to other supporting approaches.

The school is supervised by the Istanbul Special Education Council. And therefore; The Council appoints the Director-General of Schools to ensure compliance with all local and state laws and regulations governing schools.



The school provides a distinguished group of teachers for various disciplines to meet the needs of the educational curricula for the different educational stages in the school.

The school includes all educational levels from kindergarten to high school.



The school is divided into four sections:


Kindergarten: Kg1 and Kg2
Primary school: grades 1-5
Middle school: grades 6-8
High school: grades 9-12



The school building consists of five floors equipped with all safety and security equipment. The following classes, halls and laboratories are distributed: one class for kindergarten, six classes for elementary school students, three classes for middle school students, three classes for students and high school for the scientific branch - physics lab - biology laboratory - chemistry laboratory - chemistry lab - computer lab - school yard - Mosque - School Restaurant - Teacher Room - Learning Resource Center - Meeting Room - Student Guidance Office - Student Activity Leader Office - Psychological Center - and a group of other administrative offices.

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